{My} Reflection Paper Essay

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My Past, Present, and Future
Rachelle Barlow
PSY 202
Judi Muhammad
March 14, 2011

About nine years ago now – when I turned eighteen and received my G.E.D. – I was under the impression that a higher education was definitely not an option for me, and honestly, it wasn’t. Due to my knowledge of this, along with the fact that I was hired right away at what was my “dream job” at the time, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t ever need or want a higher education; I accepted the fact that my family nor I could afford to put me through college and made the best of it. Yet here I am, 27 years old and just beginning my journey through college, because I need to, and because I want to. In this reflection paper I’ll cover the highlights
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I had a difficult time fitting in and adjusting to my new school (Highland Elementary). Consequently, I began to get into fights with some of my fellow classmates. After a few incidences, and no sign of a resolution, my parents decided to have me give home schooling a try. I ended up really liking it, and before long it became routine. Studying never really took up much of my time though, as the reading subjects had always been easy for me and the only thing I really needed to improve upon was my math/arithmetic skills. During the winter months, when I wasn’t busy studying, my dad taught me the basic process of completing an auto detail. When spring arrived business picked up a bit and I started spending more and more time working out in the shop. When business really picked up in the summer months, I was told (only by my dad who was “the law”) that my work was, “a part of earning my room and board, and my food expenses. Indeed I earned these things, and this way of life became the norm for me; I slowly but surely accepted my lot in life. When I wasn’t kept busy working in the shop I would usually have plenty of things to keep me busy in the house, mainly helping my mom. For the most part I would help her with the ongoing housework, such as laundry, dishes, etc. Every other day or so I would even give her a break from everything by watching my little sister for a few hours while she got out of the house. At
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