My Reflection Paper

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It is incredible how a few weeks can affect a person’s knowledge and skills. I described my lack of using writing in the preliminary writing assignment, knowing I had plenty of room for improvement. By utilizing the knowledge I gained within my first few weeks of school, I received a surprisingly pleasant grade on my reflection paper which revealed my writing strengths; similarly, exposing my weaknesses. Knowing my writing skills have improved slightly makes me determined to continue improving my strengths, ultimately transforming my writing weaknesses into strengths while I continue building new skills in writing.
As the remainder of the semester passes, I will continue improving my writing strengths; in conclusion, my writing skills will advance. Realizing that I do have writing strengths I was not aware of, gives me the confidence to continue building the foundation for becoming a better writer. One example of a writing strength I possess is sentence combining. One month ago, I had no idea how to use a semicolon properly; however, I now know that a semicolon can be used to separate two clauses in a sentence. In my paper I wrote, “Eventually, I heard the monitors beeping in an unfamiliar sound; simultaneously, my doctor told me to push harder.” I learned the proper way to use a semicolon; consequently, transforming sentence combing into a strength of mine. Another writing strength I exhibit is keeping my introduction short and my thesis clear; likewise, these writing
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