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My biggest area of improvement this year as a writer was my style and structure. Last year, in English I, we learned a writing technique called “The Evidence Sandwich”. It was a basic claim, evidence, commentary, structure for writing body paragraphs. This was helpful when I was a freshman, but as a grew as a writer sophomore year, this made my writing sound static and robotic. As my writing progressed through the school year, I started breaking free from that structure, enabling me to add flow and style to my writing, while still maintaining the requirements for a successful body paragraph. Meanwhile, my writing started shifting from pure summary to actual literary analysis. These changes transformed my writing into more improved and polished papers. A challenge I faced this year was my writing process and my work ethic. At first I was very excited about the amount of essay writing time we had in class. However, as the year continued, I found the stress of sophomore year and all my other classes clouding my focus. This made it very hard to sit down in class and work on my essay without reaching to my other binder. I feel that if I had worked harder to focus in class and get more work done, my essays would have been much better because I would have had more material to revise ahead of time and ask Ms. Hursh questions on, and less work to do the night before the deadline. Next year, I will aim to use my time in class wisely so I have more time at home to focus on college and other junior year items.
Section 2: Analysis of my Contribution to Class This year, I added to class dynamic by being invested in my classmate’s ideas. During small group discussion, I listened to my peer’s ideas, and added my own thoughts until we reached an understanding of the context read. I asked my peers questions in small group discussion when I needed clarification and I explained the texts when my peers needed my help as well. Small group discussion is where I most contributed because I feel pressure and I get nervous when I speak in front of the whole class. I fear that I will say something wrong or what I say will trigger conflicting ideas back at me. Therefore, when I am in one on one or small group discussion, I feel like

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