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My writing this year has far improved, more than in past years, as I have been thorough in each of my assignments. Even before this year I have strived to explain important facts in expressive details. However, as some topics had to be specific in order to be original & make sense, I had problems with expressing details in a simplified way. I always wanted to sound sophisticated, so it became more difficult to simplify everything I wrote to where I couldn’t be as “expressive.”

When it comes to my writing, it’s mostly been issues with clarity and typically – as Dr. D told me – it’s not common for most 9th grade English students to have problems with being too "adult" in writing. However, I think my problems were mostly in word choice and sentence fluency. A lot of the phrases I’ve used were either overly sophisticated to where they didn’t make sense, or I never truly understood them. Sentence fluency is a major issue as well, mostly because I commonly build on my sentences to add more detail, and that clouds the main points with other useless information.

Starting from the beginning of the year, I was able to plan my topics well. In particular, I could write topics in short times. Our first assignment for summer reading responses had to do with the books Nation and The Housekeeper and The Professor. With those assignments, I was pleasantly surprised that I could expand on them so efficiently. This newfound ability also helped me succeed in the WrAP test, because I learned

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