My Reflection on Learning Experience for the Last Eight Weeks Studies in Marketing.

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In today’s world, Marketing is the heart of a successful business. A company can only maintain its competitiveness through extensive marketing. A company can market itself in many ways. Apple, for example, has marketed itself through innovation. As the demand for marketing increases, marketing has become more complex than ever, and as a result, marketers have to be more creative to find some efficient ways to satisfy their clients. Therefore, they have designed many marketing strategies that can help them deal with their clients who somehow feel their competitors have outdone them. With this reflection, this paper outlines a brief overview of my observed marketing techniques of Coca Cola Company. It is worth noting that this paper is my…show more content…
For my input, I told my group that instead of the broader question to why Coca-Cola is the most successful company ever, we could break it down and ask each other a question: “do you drink Coca-Cola, and how often do you drink it? Where do you find it? Do you have Coca-Cola in your country”? (Four of us came to Australia from four different countries). We did that and in no time, we were able to draw a very concrete conclusion. We found out that the reason why many people like Coca-Cola is that it is cheap and conveniently available. In addition, we found that many people associated Coca Cola with happiness and fun. For example, many kids like Coca-Cola because of its partnership with McDonalds. Another reason was that Coca-Cola made itself known to almost everyone in the world through its sponsorship of world games, like the soccer world cup and Olympics. Moreover, the most important thing about Coca-Cola that we found was that the brand name and the colour have the same meaning in every culture, and that is why it is the only trademark that exists in almost every country on Earth. When the time was up the tutor told each group to select one member to present the group findings to the class. That was not my favourite part, I hate standing in front of people and I would do anything to avoid it. We were group one just next to the tutor. I told my teammates that I was not very good in presentation and I should not be
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