My Reflections On Professional Learning

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Introduction My reflective biography includes my metaphor that highlights my beliefs of what “good” teaching should look like, how selected parts from my life experience have shaped my beliefs about education, my reflections on professional learning and education in contemporary Australia and my goals for professional learning. A Metaphor for Teaching Figure 1. A Teacher is a Chef [Black and White Chef (Glazer, 2015)] My chosen metaphor for what a “good” teacher looks and acts like is that a teacher is a chef. A kitchen for a chef is where the magic happens, where they grow in their profession and where they feel most comfortable and I feel this is the same for a teacher and their classroom. To a chef the ingredients are important in creating a masterpiece and a teacher’s ingredients are the diverse range of students each with their own value and flavour added to the final creation. A chef views each ingredient as equal and no one is important than the other and I believe a “good” teacher does not view one student as more important than the other. The teacher them self I feel is also an ingredient as without them the dish or the learning outcome would not be a successful and they too add their own uniqueness of flavour and value. Pots, pans and utensils are important to a chef to help create and cook the dishes as they use different items to achieve different results and I believe this is the same for teaching as “different learners require different techniques
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