My Relationship Analysis

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Over a person's lifetime, they will develop thousands of relationships; some romantic, or business based. Relationships are what allow people to strive for excellence, what allow people to fulfill their need for social interactions. While there are many different types of relationships, the best relationships are the strongest ones. Building a strong relationship can take anywhere from months to years. However, almost all strong relationships have the same characteristics; trust, communication, and patience.
One of the hardest aspects of a relationship to build is trust, it is even harder to define trust and when it has been achieved. My significant other and I met while working a summer camp, however, we went to different schools. All summer
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Without communication, there is no base for trust to be built on. Sadly this is a lesson I had to learn the hard way. I learned in my last relationship that without communication, it is doomed to fail. My ex and I started our relationship, like every other relationship, in the glorious honeymoon phase, where everything is extraordinary. However, this phase soon ended and approached the fall of our relationship, our text became sparse, and our face to face time was even sparser. Our communication was slim to none, and it was a matter of time before we broke up. An example of extraordinary communication is in my family. We have four members to our family and only two of us can drive, so it is imperative we communicate to each other where we need to be and when in order to avoid fights. Our family has come up with an indirect communication method that fixes this issue, we have white boards on our fridge that everyone writes where they need to be and when. This an amazing example of indirect communication that helps keep our family relationship strong.
While trust and communication are key components in a strong relationship; patience is the third key to strong relationships. This is evident when entering a new relationship, one must be patient in order to get to know the other person, because not every person is an open book. Patience is also important when already in a relationship, such as when in an argument. It is important to give both sides time to think threw the situation so they can communicate effectively. Without patience, trust can not be earned and communication will not be as
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