My Relationship Over The Last Four Years

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I thought back to our relationship over the last four years, trying to determine why we stopped physically seeing each other. The sex was mind-blowing and the conversation flowed effortlessly with his witty jokes, flirting and a comfortable sense of intimate gratification while lounging naked in bed afterwards. Waiting to begin again, always trying to compress as much pleasure into every moment we shared. However, underneath all of that, there was lust. "Why has it been so long since we 've seen each other?" I typed, trying to remember what happened. " Ben captured your attention and I backed away, I wanted you to be happy." "I wanted you to say "no" so desperately that day when I asked you about your opinion of me seeing him. Your…show more content…
I quickly located the room where he was awaiting my arrival and scurried from the car, not wanting to be late. I flung my bag over my shoulder and began to climb the slippery black rusted steps, all along hoping I wouldn 't end up flat on my ass at the bottom. Silently swearing at him under my breath, already vaguely irritated that he hadn 't requested a room on the first floor. My agitation quickly resolved as he opened the door and smiled at me. His smile always captivated me, that perfect smile that never failed to send my heartbeat roaring in my ears. I stood for a moment admiring his bare chest, the chest that my mouth and hands had explored so many times in the past. From his broad shoulders down to his sculpted abs and beyond. I looked further down at how his khakis hugged his flawless ass and wanted to see them bulge with wanting... I felt a tremble run straight down to my pussy and I started to feel my wetness dripping against my thin black thong. I watched him as a smug, yet amused look crossed his face as he opened the door further and allowed me to pass. " I 've missed you." "It 's about time you finally returned to me. I 've been waiting long enough don 't you think?" "Yes, Sir" I mumbled barely audible in the room. "Does Ben know that you are here?" "No, I somehow never found it necessary to tell him about you. Besides, I broke my own cardinal rule, never become emotionally attached, ever. " " That 's
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