Reflective Essay On English Class

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Writing was something my high school stressed a lot. The main focus however was quantity over quality. We were given one essay every month to write in class for each of our classes. They made us write all of these essays in an effort to make us better writers, but never gave back any feedback. I picked up one skill with this and that was how to put words on a page and finish the assignment. The difference in college was the amount of essays I had to write went down, but the importance of these essays went up. My relationship with academic writing at first was not so good. I was able to meet the page and word requirement but still treated it as an essay from high school. As the year went on and I was given more essays I realized I had to change my point of view in order to do better. In high school I wrote all kinds of essays, some more than other. One essay I rarely wrote was reflecting on a piece of visual art. In college my second essay for English class was reflecting on visual art. I enjoyed writing this essay because I was allowed to pick the piece of art that I wanted to dissect. This was different than other essays because it was completely my opinion. I just had to look at the picture pick one part of it and describe it in my words. I was not being graded on if I was right or wrong, instead if I was able to back up my opinion with the proper evidence. I picked a piece of street art that had a giant girl painted onto a side of a house watering a real tree that was
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