My Relationship With An Old Family Friend

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Reconnecting with an old family friend

To fully understand my current relationship with nature, it is important to look back over my life and identify how the relationship came to be, what has hindered and what has sustained this relationship. In order to do this, I have broken my life down into stages from early years, to teenage years, to young adulthood and finally onto more recent times. This paper will examine not just my experiences, but the meanings behind these experiences and how they have come to shape my relationship with the natural world. Towards the end of this paper I will make links as to why this understanding is important and how I can use it to enhance my future, not only as a citizen of this earth, but as a worker in the human services industry, so that I can help others enhance their own futures.
In the early years of my life, as is probably common to most people, I remember being fascinated by everything around me and trying to learn as much as I could. During my early years I spent so much time out enjoying nature whether it was beaches, parks, rainforests, or just lying on the grass under the big old mango trees in the back yard. I was lucky enough to have a father who was a science teacher and he was able to teach me so much about the world. No matter where we were, he always had fun and interesting things to show and tell us. It didn’t feel the same as school work, we were out in nature and learning as we came across something, able to embrace this

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