My Relationship With My Current Roommate

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For the application project, I decided that I would like to discuss my relationship with my current roommate. This relationship is very important to me because we are living together for the rest of the remaining academic year. Initally, I was supposed to live with one of my very close friends, but she got a last minute overseas study abroad scholarship. For this reason, I had to find a last minute roommate. All my friends had already made living arrangements, which forced me to find a random roommate through the University of Cincinnati housing system. Since she was a random roommate, I knew it was going to be difficult for me as I knew nothing about her. Upon living with her, we had numerous issues with how we lived together but were never spoken about. I then spent the first 2 months trying to get to know her better to avoid any future issues that we were having since we started to live together.
Ever since we started living together we have been having a lot of problems. Our biggest issue is the fact that we do not communicate. From day one, whenever we have a problem with something one another did, we did not tell each other. Instead, we kept it to ourselves or went to our friends to complain. Then, we would be passive aggressive towards each other which would only make the problem worse. I believe that the biggest change needed in our relationship was better communication. If we figured out a way to communicate to each other as well as enhance our understanding

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