My Relationship With My Daughter

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Lastly, I want to talk about my relationship with my granddaughter, Maddilyn. Maddilyn is 8 years old and my husband & I have custody of her because both her parents were underage & unable to care for her. With that said, the emotions and feelings I have for ‘Maddi are scary and beautiful at the same time, almost as if I were on a roller coaster going “up” with feelings, and then “down” with feelings. Maddi visits her mom and dad as if we were a divorced couple, sharing the kids, except her mom & dad are no longer together. So, my husband, Maddi, and I interact among three separate family units, and at times it can be tough. There are times when feel I do not have full control of what Maddi gets exposed to. The rules at our house are not the same at her mothers house nor her fathers house. When Maddi comes home from visits and tells me things that she wants to tell me (I never drill her ever), it’s always on her time, not mine, I always make note of what is being said and of course at times, Maddi’s parents and I have to discuss something I may have learned. However, we have raised our granddaughter without ever having said a non-supportive word about her parents nor have we ever voiced our ideas and opinions of them. We want Maddi to have her own feelings about her parents and if we were to suggest otherwise, we feel this would be detrimental for her and our relationship as she grows into a young lady.
Though I mentioned she was my granddaughter I feel she is like
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