My Relationship With My Friend

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Each relationship with my friends are different. My friend Morgan, consistently complains about her relationship with her boyfriend and asks for my advice. Her boyfriend Jon, is one of my good friends, so I know him just as well as I know her. My job is our relationship is listening. I use the four “Rs” of listening to the best that I can to support her. Often, Morgan falls to conversational narcissism. She rarely talks about anyone else in these situations. Sometimes she mentions breaking up with Jon. I rejected that information through selective listening because I know she really doesn’t feel that way. My interpersonal communication with Morgan consists of me listening to her relationship problems.

The job of a best friend is to listen. Not only listen to hear what she has to say but to use the four “Rs” of listening; receiving, responding, recalling and rating. “Receiving is the verbal and nonverbal acknowledgement of a message” (West & Turner, Interpersonal Communication, 2015, p. 113). I listen to Jon’s mistake is each time. I take in the exact story; acknowledging she is one of the biggest exaggerators I know. “Responding is providing observable feedback to a sender’s message” (West & Turner, Interpersonal Communication, 2015, p. 114). To inform Morgan that I’m listening to her, I will head nod, laugh, or roll my eyes depending on her emotions of the story. As she explains the situation I try to get work done at the same time, so these responding actions are…

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