My Relationship With My Mom Essay

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In the beginning, it was just me and my mom. My father wasn’t a huge part of my life at that time, though I wouldn’t say he was out of the picture. He definitely didn’t have much say in my upbringing. His absence in my life impacted our relationship, and I don 't think we ever recovered from that. We’re on good terms now, but we don’t have any special connection like my mom and I do. The two of us were never close, we don’t see eye to eye, and we can barely hold a conversation that last longer than five minutes. When he became part of my life, our relationship definitely improved, but it didn’t really occur until after he married my mom. I didn’t realize how much my mom and I needed him until we became a real family. My mom was seventeen when she had me, but she likes to say she was eighteen because I was born in the beginning of January and she turned eighteen towards the end of February. We both lived with my grandparents until I was six years old. They became somewhat like a second set of parents for me. They were my legal guardians, and they did everything they could to give me a good life. My father wasn’t really around when I was very little, so much that when I was really young I mistakenly called my grandpa “dad”. My father had joined the Marine Corps after he found out my mom was pregnant, because his home life wasn’t great and he had no plan for the future. He didn’t know how to support a kid, much less raise one. The Marine Corps was the only option that made

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