My Relationship With My Parents Hasn’T Always Been Easy.

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My relationship with my parents hasn’t always been easy. It’s been a rollercoaster pretty much my whole life. Now, I get everyone has their own problems with their parents. Not one family is perfect but I feel my problems go further than the norm. My Mom was adopted and raised into a split home. My Grandmother couldn’t have kids and adopted five altogether before splitting from my Grandfather. My Grandmother wasn’t a very nice person to my mom and emotionally and mentally abused her. My step Dad raised me, my real Dad was an alcoholic and very abusive to my mom, so he was never in my sister or I’s lives, so to me my step father is my Dad. He was raised alongside his brother by a loving Mother and Father. When he was 18 he left for the…show more content…
Then after that, all I wanted was their acceptance and I did everything I could to get that. When I was 18 I joined the army, I’ve never seen my Dad so proud of me, he even told me he loved me, which I haven’t heard since I was really little. Finally, acceptance.
I got stationed in Germany, and my parents retired to Pennsylvania. While stationed in Germany I met my now ex-husband. We got married when I was 19 and got pregnant right away, which was unplanned. I decided to separate from the Army because it was what was best for my family. However, my parents didn’t really like any of it. They voiced their dislike and the acceptance that I had once felt from them was gone. My parents hated my husband, they hated the fact I got pregnant so soon and that I gave up a “career” in the military to move to Wisconsin to be with his family. I would visit my parents when I could, without my husband, but I hated going to see them, the tension was always so thick.
When my daughter was about nine months old I went and stayed with my parents. At this time, I was trying to get my daughter to self sooth and the doctor had me put her to bed awake and cry it out. It was a hard thing for me, but slowly I saw it working. I was trying to do the right thing for my daughter. Needless to say my parents had a different idea of “right’ and we got into a huge fight and I ended up leaving for home early. My parents were still trying to control everything I did, even though I was an
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