My Relationship With My Sister, Jordan And I

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Today I am going to be talking about the relationship that I have with my sister, Jordan and how she shaped my identity. Jordan and I are three and a half years apart and she is a senior at the University of Missouri. She has made the biggest impact on my life because we are so similar that we live our lives the same and have a very similar thought process. What I have learned in my young years going through middle school and high school and everything outside of that I got from my sister if I did not learn on my own. Jordan paved the path for me though the advice she gives me, how she can relate to me, and the confidence she gives me, with all these characteristics we connect through the similarity theory. Family means the world to me in every aspect, but a person that means even more then that is my sister, Jordan. She paved my life for me without me knowing; she is always there for me and believes in me when I do not believe in myself. Jordan and I very similar in the way that if we had the chance to do everything together we would take every opportunity we could get. How our relationship developed was like every pair of young sisters, we did not get along very well when we were younger because we took the days we had together for granted. The day she left for college is when it really hit me that she was the biggest inspiration in my life. What made us as close was going through our parent’s divorce, it was a life changing experience, and I would have never gotten
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