My Relationship With The Piano

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My life has always been tied to the piano in some shape or form. I can remember the first notes I ever produced. They came from a large Cable upright piano that had sat unused and out of tune for decades. The notes it made had were all slightly wrong, and had a sickly sweetness that clung to the air. From my early childhood and on my relationship with the piano consisted of nothing more than fleeting encounters. Some days I would sit down and simply play notes I thought sounded nice, but mostly the piano acted as a decoration in my home. Its brown, almost cream colour, always clashed with the black décor of the home. It wasn 't until moving to Oklahoma to be with my mother 's family that anything serious developed concerning the piano. I had always been far away from my family, so when I met up with my grandmother we took the time to catch up. On a particular car trip she mentioned that my mother used to play the piano quite well. Up until that point I had never given the piano much thought, but I began to think about my mother and all the old piano books she had accumulated from her adolescence. That set in motion my desire to learn how to play and an eventual reappraisal of the way I looked at music and the world around me. The first piece of music I learned to play was the piano melody from a song titled L 'Amore by the Italian band Sonohra. This process involved a lot of trial and error as I went from note to note to find which one fits. That was my first sign that
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