My Relationship is Like a Terrifying Plane Trip Essay

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I am one of those people who get very anxious on an airplane; it is a very scary thing to experience. A plane is a big chunk of metal that starts up, gains speed, and then takes off into the air at a steep angle. The bulk of the people around me in the plane are acting as if this is the most normal thing in the world; they are talking, looking at their phones, while they still can, or taking out their copy of the magazine provided to them. There are thousands of pounds of metal and human beings going up into the air, and almost nobody shouts, "Get me out of here!" That was how I felt when I fell in love for the first time. The relationship made me nervous in the beginning; it then turned the nervousness into bliss, and then things just …show more content…

Dating this guy was like that; dating, I thought, was meant to be a romantic experience; I had in mind beautiful walks on the beach at sunset, flowers, and spending some intimate time together. I thought that dating was going to be classy, but as it turned out, it was actually kind of ordinary and plain. We did go to a fancy restaurant or two, but we also went to some non-classy places. Do not get me wrong, in the beginning of our relationship there was a lot of the nice stuff, but the older the relationship got, the more the specialness of the relationship died off and I feel that is what started the turbulence.
In conclusion, the worst part of flying is the landing. Again, everyone around me appeared to be calm and collected even when I was freaking out because the landing was rough and noisy. Breaking up was like that; after we had broken up, my friend made a comment to me, “That was such an emotional roller coaster ride." After she said that, it hit me; I felt like the whole relationship him and I had was just an airplane ride. The ups and downs of our relationship, along with the all the excitement and the emotion, was like a roller coaster. With a roller coaster you get off at the same place you started, but even after a year and a half of a loving relationship, I felt that I had gotten off somewhere else. Everything around me seemed so different

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