My Religious Beliefs

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Growing up in an extremely religious family was easier when I was younger. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather were both pastors, my grandfather was a preacher and my grandmother always went to church and did everything that was right by God and the Bible. My parents and grandparents were never really worried about what I thought or how I felt about their religious beliefs. As I grew older I stopped believing in the Bible and God. I believed in the concept of evolution. I knew that coming out to my family and informing them that I did not believe the same as they did would be the most difficult achievement in my entire life.
7th grade is when I realized I was “different”. My best friend, Layla, was the person I talked to about everything. One Friday night we were just strolling through the neighborhood talking about life, and things we liked and disliked and everything in between. We finally sat down in the road and were just watching the stars trying to find patterns in them because that's what we always did. I told her that I had to tell her something and every time those words came out of my mouth her attention was given to me fully. I ventured off from what I wanted to tell her for about ten minutes. Finally, I thought to myself she is your best friend, she has been through all the health problems, she has waited in hospitals for hours waiting for you to come out of surgeries this will not change a thing. I looked her straight in the face and just let it go
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