My Research Idea At My Own Insight Into The World I Lived For Seven Years

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First section: The context of my research idea in development

By exploring my research idea at the very early stages of development I wish to highlight the nature of my experience and transfer my own insight into the world I lived for seven years.

Initially, coming up with a topic of research that is not only of interest to me but being able to position myself by engaging with my own experience, is a challenging, thought provoking and daunting task. When something so internally deep has changed you in a way you cannot articulate, this becomes an obstacle itself, coupled with the reality that you want your research to be stimulating; in the hope it will have resonance with another.

For me, as a twenty five year old female, who has been brought up in a middle-class family who has had parental love and support their whole life, it strikes a chord with me that I am even in this position to be writing such a personal and expressive narrative of my journey with having an eating disorder.

I have been intuitively drawn to the narrative approach as I feel this will aid my research as it is intended to be context dependent, and in an exploratory way, offering my knowledge and experiences to others who have faced hurdles of a complex and addictive nature. This research will aim to develop, internalise and explore what I believe to be a very important and necessary awareness of the lived experience and co-construction of eating
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