My Research on Comets

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For my spring semester project I decided to research on comets. I settled upon comets because comets have always intrigued me and I have never really known the full extent of them. I have known that comets come across the Earth with their spectacular light but I have never really known the whole story behind them such as how they come across the Earth, the specialty of them, and how there is light coming from them. After researching extensively, I have learned a great deal about them such as their origins, where they form, and also what comets were thought to be. I believe comets are one of the greatest and most spectacular objects that travel in the universe because they are rarely seen but they give a wonderful experience and show for people. To begin with, comets are called dirty balls of ice because they are mixed with sooty ice, dust and many more. The word comets have had lots of names in cultures, and to the Greeks it’s called kometes which means hairy stars. A comet is made of three main components which are: the nucleus, coma, and the tail. The nucleus is also called the center core and it is made up of icy gases and grains of dust. The nucleus is not very hard but can hold elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and hydrogen. Also the dust in the nucleus is made by silicates and metal in the ice. The next part is the coma which is a cloud of hydrogen atoms that cover the nucleus. A process occurs called resonance fluorescence which sublimates the ice

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