My Resignation Letter At Sylvania High School

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29 April, 2015

Dear Craig and Executive Staff,

It is with deep regret that I inform you of my resignation from the position of Teacher Librarian at Sylvania High School. I appreciate that this will come as a complete shock to you, and for that reason I want to assure you that it is purely in response to personal and health issues dating back to 2005, and not because of anything specifically occurring at Sylvania High School in 2015.

Whilst I have worked very hard to attain the qualifications necessary for permanent employment with the DEC, sadly, I am not suited to this type of work in a fulltime capacity because it negatively effects my health to a point that I cannot manage.

I am so sorry to let you down.

I am happy to discuss my resignation further in person, but do not wish to elaborate in any greater detail in writing.

I understand that my employment agreement will have terms attached to my resignation of which I am not familiar. Please advise me what you would like me to do to give you time to find a replacement and which causes you the least amount of disruption and inconvenience possible.

Kind regards,

Fiona Bell-Whittaker

Dear Craig,

Thank you for speaking with me on Wednesday.

As you know, I was quite upset on Wednesday – spoken words are often miscommunicated, misinterpreted and/or lost, and for that reason, I have clarified in writing below the things underpinning my decision communicated to you on that day.

As explained,
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