My Resilience Essay

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What is the single greatest personal asset that will serve you in realizing these goals?

I have grown over the course of my four years in college at Texas A&M University, and it has included many setbacks. However, one thing has remained constant my resiliency. When times get rough I tend to fall, but without fail I always rise and exceed my expectations. In various situations in my life I’ve been faced with obstacles, but I always push forward. The most memorable scenarios are my research project in Dr. Maren’s neuroscience lab and freshman year at Texas A&M University. In the Summer of 2015 I had the opportunity of accomplishing my own research project. With the help of my graduate student, I led us to better understand the neural pathway
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I was raised in Nacogdoches, Texas, which is known for its small-town atmosphere and Stephen F. Austin State University. Due to being a small town, Nacogdoches lacked advanced placement courses; therefore, most my time was spent in non-challenging course work. When I attended SFA as a dual-credit student I experienced a minor shock, SFA was a step up from Nacogdoches High School; however, I quickly adapted and worked harder to maintain the pace of my peers. When I finally got accepted to Texas A&M University I again faced the same academic obstacle, and experienced major setbacks and failures. After my first semester of college I received a 2.7 gpa and received my first C in a class. Feelings of defeat and confusion overcame me—my goals of attending medical school appeared to diminish before my eyes. I questioned my work ethic and intelligence. Despite the feelings of failure, I never let myself fall into despair, and I moved forward. Every semester following my first semester at A&M I improved over time; however, the in the Spring 2016 I finally overcame my academic hurdle and made my best grades to date. It has taken time to develop qualitative techniques to retain information for difficult science
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