My Results From Physical Performance Lab

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Looking at my results from the physical performance lab, I can definitely say that the positive aspects of my assessment were my body composition, flexibility, grip strength, and lung function. From an early age, I had participated in ballet and gymnastics, so being able to touch my toes or reaching the ground is something that is almost second nature to me. I got a 6.5 on the flexibility test and although I did not do as well as I had anticipated, I did the best I could from my time apart from ballet. Nonetheless, every morning when I wake up, I would get out of bed and try and stand up straight and see how much I have improved in terms of touching my toes. Stretching has become a part of my daily routine when I get out of bed. Meanwhile, my percent fat is not very shocking to me because I try to eat as healthy as I can, as well as drinking 2 liters of water daily. I was hoping I did better on the lung function test but I think I did not do as well because I was still getting over a cold from the week before. Unfortunately, the negative aspects of my assessment would be the aerobic fitness and my blood pressure. I would say that my VO2 Max, which is 25.1 is poor due to the fact that I did not do participate in any sort of intense workouts like running or exercises that require physical endurance for a long period of time. My choice of working out as been going to Yoga. Yoga has taught be to me patient and resilient. I am able to get a good workout from the intense heat
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