My Ride Narrative

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Cst. Murphy, Thank you again for setting up the ride along. I really enjoyed the opportunity. Summary of my ride along: Officers: Cst. Grant and Cst. Chris. I stayed with the same Constables for the entire ride along. They both were great the entire evening. I began my ride along by getting showed the computer and basic break down of the downtown division. Cst. Grant ran a few license plates to show me how that is done while we were waiting for calls to come in. 1815 hours: Cst. Grant had to follow up with a domestic call he dealt with on a previous shift. The circumstances did not allow for an arrest due to a few holes in the account that the complainant gave and lack of evidence but Cst. Grant believed that she was assaulted. He did what he could by giving her the proper information and instructions to get the proper legal protection against the man she…show more content…
He began attacking her, specifically bitting her. She managed to close the bedroom door to separate him form her and he exited the unit. When she ran out of the apartment to try and get help the man thought she ran outside. He ran outside to try and follow her but the girl was able to quickly close the security door to lock him outside. At that point someone else in a neighbouring apartment saw the man wandering around outside. The man was arrested and the female agreed to make a statement at the police station. After her stamens was complete we drove her to her legal guardian on the West end of the city. 2335 hours: caller believes former abusive boyfriend was in back ally behind her apartment. We drove around the block to look for the individual. There was no one outside around the apartment. Cst. Grant called the female and told her we checked the area and to let us know if she sees him again. She was happy with the effort and that we checked for her. 0047
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