My Role As A Nurse Educator

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For this assignment you are asked to write a 3 page paper that discusses how up to this point, you have embraced your role as a nurse educator (let 's face it, all nurses are teachers!). What do you love about teaching or being a teacher? What has been problematic for you? How do you see a doctorate degree in nursing, with a focus on education and leadership, helping you further expand your ability to be an effective educator? In other words, what has brought you to this point, where you want/need more education?

The nursing workforce and nursing education demographic trends reinforce the urgency to promote future nursing leaders, educators, and mentors. Peer mentoring has been used successfully in nursing education to enhance student engagement and the quality of the student learning experience. Although various terms like peer mentor have been used to describe the role of senior students facilitating junior student learning, the literature is silent about how peer mentoring fosters the development of future nursing education leaders (Rosenau, P. A., Lisella, R. F., Clancy, T. L., & Nowell, L. S. (2015). Growth in the demand for nurses is fueling current and projected nursing shortages, as patient populations grow older, sicker and more complex at the same time that the age of currently employed nurses continues to increase.

How have embraced your role as a nurse educator (let 's face it, all nurses are teachers!)
A nurse educator

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