My Role As A Peri Operative Educator

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My role as a Peri-Operative educator began five years ago, following an extensive career as a perioperative staff nurse. In my position, I recognize Jean Watson’s Caring Curriculum Model (1989) which states that “caring represents the moral ideal and central essential core of nursing” (Billings & Halstead, 2012, p.233). Drawn from several educational frameworks and philosophies, Billings & Halstead also explain that Watson’s model promotes the learner’s potential through experience, motivation, empowerment, and autonomy. In addition to employing Watson’s concepts and principles to my role as an educator, I incorporate my personal values, beliefs, and actions into the educational process and encourage students to seek my guidance and support as they increase their knowledge, participating in active learning. Parker Palmer (2007) states "good teaching cannot be reduced to technique: good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher" (p. 10). Identifying myself as a caring, patient person, I strive to promote each learner’s potential while establishing and maintaining a nurturing, supportive relationship. Beginning during the initial orientation program, the foundation for the relationship is built; it continues throughout the entire orientation period, averaging twelve months in length. During this orientation program, nurses are exposed to an area of high stress and technological challenges; resultant feelings of stress and intimidation may ensue for

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