My Role As A Primary School Educator

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I will explore the important skills I believe I will need in the 21st century as a primary school educator, I will then explore the experiences of evaluating online sources of academic information. This will then lead onto online collaboration and the advantages and disadvantages of using this as a means of sharing information. This reflective discussion will be reviewing my role as a 21st century learner and professional. I will then lead into how my experience as a consumer, producer and sharer of information for professional and academic communication has changed throughout the course of this unit of study. When I first reviewed the Future Work Skills document the most important skill I saw for myself was Social Intelligence. This is the ability to quickly assess the emotions of others and adapt one’s behaviour through the use of words, tone and gestures (Institute for the Future, 2011, p. 8). To become a successful primary school teacher, I continue to see this as a very important skill. Throughout the unit I found myself being tested during the Prezi assignment. Whilst the conduct and behaviours of the students I interacted was fantastic and positive I felt the need to have to restrain myself with those that were irregular or inconsistent with their input. I also realised I needed to change and adjust my tone to become more relaxed as I realised I could only do what I could do, if others didn’t do the work or participate then I had to accept that. New-Media Literacy was
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