My Role As A Society

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My role in the Society Life is just full of surprises that no one knows what will happen as time goes by. Growing up, there are just times where unexpected things tend appear. Being able to have nothing and or nowhere to run and ask for help is a very crucial experience in life which happen to my family. However, through this experience we learned and become stronger. To tell the truth, at first I wasn’t sure what to do in life after high school. But then again, learning what is happening around my surrounding as stated to the functional perspective, society is like a living organism with its various parts working together for the good of the whole (pg.16) really help me realize and opened my eyes that I want to make a difference. And in order for me to make a difference I need to have the knowledge to what I can do to help others. And this is why I decided to go to college. Based on conflict perspective, it focuses on power and the allocation of valued resources in society (pg.17) which have really helped me a lot on going to college. Having the access to resources have shaped my decision about going to college by giving me the courage that wherever people came from or whatever status they have doesn’t matter. I know the fact that my father doesn’t make that money, but through the help of financial aid resources have helped me a lot and nothing cannot stop me from going to college. And this is why I am very thankful through the help of financial aid and scholarship
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