My Role As A Student Nurse

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In this paper, I will be discussing my learning experiences during term three. In order to classify and expand on what I have learned, I will be writing about two roles I have assumed as a student nurse, how I have developed those roles through theory and practice, how my thinking has changed, and what I would like to change in the future. Summary Through exposure to theoretical, observed, and experimental knowledge I have learned the importance of individual care in community health, and how my role as a communicator and caregiver has enhanced my learning. I learned to develop my critical thinking skills by taking concepts from my theory and relating them to my practice as a registered nurse. When I first began the program I believed that the role of the registered nurse was to care for the patient’s grievances, which was limited to the physical aspect of patient care. I thought that nurses would simply be following orders based on the doctor’s orders. I quickly learned throughout the semester this was a great misrepresentation of the roles of the registered nurse. Throughout this semester, I learned that registered nurses work based off of their own assessment and diagnosis, and they work to improve all aspects of patient care. I learned that the registered nurse was not limited to one role, and that the registered nurse would be working to improve herself in all aspects of practice. The first role I undertook during the last 13 weeks was the role of the communicator.
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