My Role As A Student Nurse

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It was half way through my acute care rotation at a large, urban hospital. Over the course of my placement I had seen a myriad of patients with diverse diagnoses, from tuberculosis to addiction, to pneumonia to HIV/AIDS. Overall, I was beginning to feel confident in my role as a student nurse. I was becoming familiar with my tasks and getting to know the unit. On this particular week, I was assigned to care for Mrs. S, a 54 year old woman with an inoperable glioblastoma admitted to hospital for the past three weeks with thrombocytopenia. Her prognosis was not good and the hospital staff was trying to speak to the family about arranging palliative care. As I read through her chart, I remember thinking that she was the same age as my mother. I provided care for her over four clinical days, or 32 hours. I brushed her teeth, helped her get dressed, read to her, took her to the bathroom, and gave her medications three times a day. Mrs. S would have some great days where she could have a meaningful conversation where she would share stories from her youth and some difficult days, where she wouldn’t be able to open her eyes, or could not remember where she was. Over the course of my time with Mrs. S I had developed a strong therapeutic relationship. The next week, I arrived on the unit and went to look for her kardex so I could read up on how she did overnight but it was not by the nursing station. I looked around the counters, and asked a few nurses if they knew where…
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