My Role As Your Ku Consultant

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Hi everyone, here we are at the final step in my role as your KU consultant. Today we will be looking at operational challenges faced by your company, focusing on time management, cost management, adoption and chain management

Question 1
Challenge one: Time Management
One of the biggest issues Albatross Anchors has faced has been the way time is managed within the company. The production of the bell anchor requires one manufacturing process and the snag hook anchors another. This requires time in set up and process change overs, as well as unique equipment that is solely used on one product or the other. The placement of equipment further aggravates this issue as the product moves in a non-linear pattern and often has to go back through departments whose processes are already completed. (Project Management Institute, n.d.)
Albatross Anchor has a lack of flexibility in order fulfillment partially due to several factors, many of which have been previously addressed that include the layout of the factory, outdated equipment, and the lack of dedicated production lines to name a few. These issues do not allow the company to take full advantage of the benefits of mass manufacturing such as bulk pricing for raw materials, and the ability to produce more by expanding the schedule of the production floor. Currently if the schedule were expanded a great deal of that time would be utilized in changing over the single production line in order to change products being

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