My Role During Observations By Ms. Davenport

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My role during observations During these two sessions, I was primarily observing the lessons taught by Ms. Davenport. During independent practice, I was walking around the classroom and examining student work and assisting students by answering their questions about the math problems. Mathematical practices observed  Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them The students were given problems following group instruction and were dismissed to independent practice. During both my visits the students were finding strategies that would help them with the problem. This is the point at which I saw frustration among students as they persevered with the problems.  Reason abstractly and quantitatively I observed students conceptualizing…show more content…
One of the questions was, “I have 50 cents in my pocket. I only have nickels in my pocket. How many nickels do I have?”  Look for and make use of structure A few students made connections about patterns when they were skip counting and could understand that their number stings of fives or tens are repeated addition. They made flash cards out of long strips of paper for twos, fives and tens. Mathematical practices that could have been included.  Use appropriate tools strategically Given the difficulty a handful of the students were having with their independent practice problems, this would have been an appropriate opportunity to bring out manipulatives such as Unifix Cubes or base ten blocks. Even though every student was using a paper 100’s chart this was still confusing for some. What was interesting. What is interesting is the fact that a few of these students are struggling with number sense halfway through second grade. I was surprised that they were not further along in their studies, but I am probably making unfair comparisons in relation to where my son was at the same age. It made it much clearer for me the kinds of struggles I will face as a classroom teacher with students of wide and varying abilities. What I agreed or disagreed with. Ms. Davenport calls the students back to the rug after independent practice for a group discussion about the problems and
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