My Role During The Police Station

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I was dispatched to 1319 Cramer Cir, Big Rapids, MI, 49307 at 1815 hours on the night of Februray 15th. Upon arrival at 1830 to the police station I was told that we had Steve Smith in custody and he needed to be interrogated. I with another detective were starting the interrogation at 1900 hours after we prepared all the information. My role during this was the lead investigator. The approach that we took was the logical approach because we wanted to sound reasoning and maybe put him in a position that we could get answers out of him. We organized the interrogation by putting two seats right in front of the suspects seat and pushed the suspects seat against the wall. By doing so if we wanted to get closer to him we could and he could not back away from us. There was nothing in-between the chairs. Just about 3 feet of space, by this space it was easy for us to lean forward and really get into his face if we needed. So before we walked into the room to start asking the suspect questions about his ex wife Jasmine and all of the other things he could be guilty for we came up with a chronological order of questions. We started out by asking him simple questions that we knew the answers to. Questions like where do you live? Who do you live with? What kind of car do you drive? And just questions like that to establish kind of a base line. In building this base line it was easy to get a feel for how Steve’s emotions were playing in, and or just the way he was saying things. After…
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