My Role In Life

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Survival in this world directly depends on the presence of work in everyday life, but working everyday can truly wear a person down. I have seen it myself as it can even affect the way someone treats others. I do not believe in having a job that instantaneously brings a smile upon arrival to the workplace since work is work, however, being able to find an industry for oneself that can create more good days than bad is what I am searching for. I am currently a film production major and as of right now, I plan on finding work in the business of entertainment as I also have developed a passion for music. Currently, I am a full-time student and I treat my education as a job. The role work plays in my life is attached to the following: looking forward towards possible opportunities, improving my skills until no longer possible, and most importantly finding a purpose all for the sake of my happiness. Being that the working world is one giant competition for people to make ends meet, one must always look for opportunity and remember to seize chances obtained. Bertrand Russel in his reading, “Work,” said, “...Work gives chances of success and opportunities for ambition (332).” In my life, I am always waiting for a door to open up as I always go where they lead. Opportunities are life changers, but sometimes in life things do not go as planned as opportunity does not guarantee success. For example, when I was a baseball player in high school my position was an outfielder. Since
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