My Role Model Of My Life Essay

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Kevin Lamount Coley, my role model. The only male figure in my life that I want to be like. I use to mimic all your actions from your laugh to your serious face, your truly an outstanding man. Although my father and I don 't see eye to eye all the time and he can also get on my nerves sometimes. My Dad 's dedication and perseverance are absolutely fantastic; he always has, and a never give up attitude. I couldn 't fathom any other male figure being my father also I don 't want anyone other than the dad I have right now. There are endless reasons on why my Dad means so much to me, he does so much and looks for no reward. He goes above and beyond the call of duty every day, he is a leader in our community as well. My Dad is an entrepreneur, so he owns his own business. I’ve seen days where my dad is sick, but he still gets up around five o’clock in the morning and goes to work. He doesn’t take days off; I remember asking him “Dad, how do you do it? How do you push yourself to get up and work so hard every day?” And my Dad responded by saying this, “I do it because I enjoy seeing you guys happy.” At first, I didn’t understand what he was implying, but as I started to ponder on his words, it became apparent to me what he had meant. When my father gets paid, he doesn’t spend a dime on himself. He always makes sure my siblings and I are taken care of first before anything. Then he takes care of my mom’s needs; my dad is selfless. Not once has he ever not provided, there’s

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