My Role Play Video The First Thing That I Took Notice Too

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In critiquing my role play video the first thing that I took notice too was the timing aspect of the mock session. Realistically I know that much of what I highlighted in the video would take multiple sessions to cover and get to a place where the client really has trust in the relationship to actively use the techniques I introduced in the video. After reviewing the video footage a few times I think one strengthen was within the quality of the relationship shown. Some of the feedback that I received from my volunteer client was that the engagement felt authentic and in the moment. If I had to identify one strength within the video it would probably mimic what my volunteer client voiced in his feedback. However, I found it rather difficult in the beginning of the mock session and finding that common ground with the client to introduce the next step in the intervention. I constantly had this reoccurring thought towards the start of the session, not to jump right into things and overwhelm my client. I think that goes back to what I stated early about not having a realistic amount of time to demonstrate everything in one sitting/session. Timing is essential to my practice in developing that trust and in this case it may have put some unwanted pressure to things. There was this constant battle of not moving too fast but on the other side I wanted to make sure everything was properly covered in what techniques I wanted to highlight for the intervention. In regards to attention
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