My Room As A Room

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This room will always be a part of my life. From the shifts in furniture to the color of wallpaper, this room will remain unique to my personality as I progress in life. Many memories have been made throughout my fifteen years of residence in my house. It all started in the morning with that sweet smell of a home-cooked breakfast alongside my nightstand. I can feel goosebumps beginning to shiver my skin as the smell of my meal travels through my nose. The light shined bright in the window while I sat up out of my queen-sized bed. I took a few solemn steps with my plate in hand when suddenly I heard my old floor creaking as I neared my small desk. I sit down on my chair and flip the switch to my computer. The noise of my running desktop fans blow emphatically catches my attention and I noticed something quite off. My computer had a sticky note taped to the back saying, “Do not turn on, proceed with caution”. These words started filtering through my eyes and I knew I would be in for a bad experience. Freaking out seemed to be my only option, however once I could smell the stench of my computer, turning it off was all my brain was saying. My mother swiftly entered my room to check on me and she gave me a frantic look of anger when she saw my fried computer. It was almost like I had just committed a crime and now she had just witnessed it. “Throw it away!” she said, “It’s useless now”. I obeyed her request and proceeded to throw my cheap desktop in the e-waste bin in the
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