My Room Is A Unique Place

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My room is a distinct place that allows me to escape the outside world and focus on other significant things in my life. When I turn my slightly-chilled metal unmoved circular door knob which is attached to the delicate white-painted wooden door I enter a passageway to a new world. This world leaves me with a mindset of relaxation and peace. As I enter my room, I am quick to notice the sharp feeling of the cold lightly-beige floor touching my naked feet as if I were in an icy tundra, feeling the absence of life through my toes. As I look to the left of my door I see my dresser. Upon looking to see what is on my dresser I see things like natural hygiene products, various forms of technology, glass-bottled spring water, my alarm clock and secondary items, as in items that I do not use every day but are still useful whenever the time comes for their use. My brown six-shelved container which I call my dresser holds everything from my socks to my color assorted tie set. The item that I use to get the most out of my sleep is my bed. Simplicity is a key factor in how I style my bed because to many complex colors could take away from what it’s one use is which is relaxation. The smell of lavender sifts through my nose from the scented candle located near my door. One of first things that always stands out after walking into my room, besides the feel of the floor and lavender smell, are the four symmetrical white walls which are accented with vibrant hues and pictures of times gone
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