My Sabin Experience

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I was thinking back on the three weeks that I have been going to Sabin and truly my experience has improved each and every time I go. The main reason that my experience has improved is that the children are warming up to me the more I visit them, which means they want to work and be successful whenever I’m helping them out with reading or writing assignments. Now that I think about it I think I’ve also been warming up to the kids, as I have gotten to know them better and have been able to help each of them individually and in a group environment. I’m still amazing with Sabin, it seems like an incredible school, at the very least Ms. Kyriss is teaching them things I never had the chance to learn in early elementary school. For example they are reading folktales from around the world and they have learned about each location that the story comes from.…show more content…
Kyriss is an awesome teacher that loves her students as much as they love her, I can just tell by the way she can get their attention and explain when it’s time to share/talk and when it’s time to be quiet/listen. I feel like my service has truly been making a difference for the children that I have been helping out, I’ve noticed improvements in each child's ability to read and comprehend the material they have been reading. It’s incredibly rewarding to see each of them grow throughout the weeks and I truly can’t wait to see where they end up at the end of the term. To be honest, this service experience has been more rewarding and fun than I could have ever imagined it being. Also my anxiety has been leveling out and I have not felt anxious during my time at Sabin, as there is simply nothing to be anxious about while I am there. In short I think this has been an incredibly rewarding experience for both myself and the children I have been helping out, much like leadership I think this has been a two-way street where both the leader (myself) and the followers (the children) have grown from our experiences
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