My Sage And The United States

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not have to remember to meet at a certain place or time. We were able to meet one time during the process, and spent several hours by going to Walmart and of course ended up going to her sister’s home. Nevertheless, I always looked forward to speaking to my sage because she had great insight about many issues that are associated with getting older. My sage deals with an array of medical problems and takes full advantage of all the services that are provided by Medicaid. Even though I grew up in America, I was born and raised in Kenya for 11 years. These conversations have allowed me to compare how each country works with older populations, and the services that are provided to each. I concluded that the United States offer many government…show more content…
Furthermore, my sage stated that it made her feel very important that I picked her to be my sage even though I know her siblings as well. My sage stated that she had lost hope in younger generations caring about the lives of older adults, and was glad that the social work program offered a class that requires students to seek out older adults for their knowledge. I was unable to create changes in my sage’s way of thinking because she was not open to new ideas such as seeking mental health evaluations and counseling. Nonetheless, my sage and I were to discuss her taking vitamins and partaking in some physical exercises and activities that do not require excessive strain, and to do so after consulting with her doctor. I learned more from my sage than she learned from me. My sage has been exposed to many social supports, and has accessed the resources that social workers usually seek to help clients acquire. I learned copious amounts of invaluable information from my sage. Information such as what she receives from her Medicaid benefits. Even though I have the capability to find that information, it was a much better experience to talk to somebody who is able to utilize the different services offered. My sage has been receiving medical transportation to and from her many medical appointments, but is only able to do so for one appointment a day. If she is unable to schedule the transportation through the required time
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