My Salary Analysis

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The common low that I would start out with is forty-two dollars an hour and $89,320 a year. The highest I would be paid is seventy-two dollars an hour and $150,550 a year. The average pay for a pharmacist is fifty-eight dollars an hour and $120,950 a year. Whether I am at the lowest, highest or average. I will still make enough yearly to maintain a comfortable standard of living. I will choose to stay around the Sugar Land, Houston area once I graduate. Compared to other cities, the annual salary that I will make would not be enough to maintain a comfortable standard of living. If I moved to Sacramento, California my salary at an average pay would increase by $16,000. With that being said my housing would increase by nine percent, groceries by thirty-eight percent, utilities by fifteen percent, transportation by eighteen percent and health care by twenty percent. With the $16,00 salary, I still would not be able to have a comfortable standard of living in Sacramento. I would need to have my salary increase by at least $30,000 so I can maintain the same standard of living that I had in Houston.…show more content…
In other cities like New York City my salary would go from $120,000 to $269,393, but my housing would increase by three hundred and four percent. This means I could not afford to live there on an average pharmacy salary. Knowing that being a pharmacist in Houston means that I would maintain a comfortable living, but in other means I would not. I am happy that I choose to stay in Houston and become a pharmacist. If I were planning on moving to New York City or Sacramento I would have to choose a new career that can keep up with the standard of living there. I have to have experience in pharmacy because some pharmacy jobs require you to have experience. This is why I need to start volunteering so; I can have the experience they ask

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