My School And My Bad Academic Habits

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Growing up, I had always been an excellent student and enjoyed going to school. However this changed, when my parents got a divorce when I was in 8th grade. The result was that my father abandonned and left my mother, my younger brother and I. My father was the source of income for my family, as my Mother is a stay at home mom, so when he left it runined us financially. It was so bad that for nearly three years while I was in high school, we never had our own home and were bouncing around living with different family friends for as long as we could before moving in with another group of family friends. My response to the divorce was to give up on school. I stopped trying and barely managed to pass 8th grade. My bad academic habits followed me to high school where I began to care even less and less about academics. My mother, brother and I moved right before the start of my freshman year. I went into highschool not knowing a single person. By chance, I made friends with the skater crowd.
At least where I grew up in Southern California, all the kids who skated were also the kids who got into trouble. And at first it wasn’t anything too bad. Eventully things escalated and some of my friends started to accept some of the stuff older kids at the skatepark were pedelling to the other kids and befor eyou knew it almost all of my group of friends had started doing drugs and drinking every other day. After more than a few of my friends had run ins with the law, I decided that
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