My School At Central Academy Essay

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Life forces you to face obstacles in your life that you often do not agree with. I attended school at Central Academy in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. For me growing up, reading was a constant struggle, especially if it involved reading in front of my classmates. I was faced with that barrier at the beginning of my elementary school days. Soon my reading skills began to affect my grades inside the classroom, and myself esteem outside of it. Growing up I didn’t have the best childhood. My parents were constantly arguing and to busy choosing drugs over my brother and me. Most kids remember their parents reading them a bedtime story, or singing them a song. As for me, I was lucky if my parents came home before midnight. My dad Charles worked in a machine shop and ran the cnc’s. While my mom Trinity worked the graveyard shift at one of the local markets called Homeland. I was faced with the choice to watch my little brother or do my reading homework. Of course, we all know which option I went with. My little brother Oston was obviously more important to me than the reading assignments. After all the struggles I have faced, I knew reading would eventually be one of them. Over the years we moved almost twice a month. We always stayed in the same town, but were continuously having to adjust to a new home. I never knew what my address was because it was always changing. After moving so many times my grandma Diana and grandpa James decided my parents weren 't fit to take care of my
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