My School Schedule Reflection

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School Schedule Reflection At the onset of my principal practicum at Endeavor Elementary School, the first meeting that I attended was a discussion regarding the daily and weekly schedule. Particular concern was given to the number of minutes that need to allocated for Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) as well as the addition of a new science textbook and curriculum in the coming fall. Additionally, the use of combination classes is a historical characteristic of the school structure and is a necessity financially to maintain the operation of the small rural elementary school. Hence, grades are divided for core instruction such as English, science, and social studies; while CMP math brings the grade levels back together. For example, in one class a teacher will have a combination of 3rd and 4th graders and another class will have 4th and 5th graders combined. Consequently, when CMP math is taught one the students travel to on teacher who teaches their grade level math. Furthermore, CMP requires a minimum of sixty minutes to complete each lesson. Endeavor Elementary School shares specialist staff between two or three other buildings in our district. Shared staff constricts the availability and flexibility of specialists to allow for classroom teachers to block off ample amount of time for CMP math. Thus, the schedule and teachers must find creative ways to allow focused instruction and learning to take place without interference. The school does have four
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