My School Uniform And Shoes Essay

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I started buying my own things at the age of 12. During the summer I would work to be able to buy my school uniform and shoes. I currently live off campus in a apartment nearby California State University Northridge and go back to my hometown Los Angeles to work with my parents to have money for my necessities. I didn’t have it easy growing up; nothing was given to me instead I had to work for it. Working at such a young age has positively molded me into a hard worker, being able to manage my time well, and appreciate my possession even more. My childhood was like any other. I played outside and watched cartoons ,but when I turned 12 things began to change.When I was born my parent opened a christian book store. Ever since then my family has worked every day in order to pay their mortgage and other expenses. I didn’t have the typical teenage life. After school I would go home and help my mom by staying in shop so she could cook lunch and then dinner. Somedays I would be on my feet all day bringing out materials and to attend to our customers. There was always something to do from cleaning to organizing. My mother always gave my brothers and I a list to do throughout the day; I always finished early and helped my brothers finish their duties. It then became a habit to finish my task early and see what else I could do. Working hard is a characteristic that I have develop throughout the years working in my parents’ shop. As a teen girl all I wanted to do after school was
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