My School Year Was My Sophomore Year Essay

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The 1979-80 school year was my sophomore year; the 1980-81 school year was my junior year. For both of these school years the Mid-Valley Junior High School and Mid-Valley Senior High School continued to operate in a campus environment in Olyphant. Throughout most of the 1970s the Mid-Valley Spartans football team played home games at the Valley View stadium. In the late 1970s, they began to play home games on a football field on a playground in Fern Hill. This was a makeshift stadium of sorts. There was not a complete fence around the area. People paid admission using the honor system. There were aluminum bleachers near East Grant Street. There was no press box. A school bus was parked behind the bleachers. The people who would normally be in a press box stood on top of the roof of the bus. At half time the football team used to go to the nearby fire station, Eureka Hose Company No. 4. I intended to major in Electrical Engineering in college, so while I was a freshman, I applied for enrollment in the Electronics Technology program at the Lackawanna County Area Vocational Technical School. Students in grades ten through twelve from nine school districts in Lackawanna County and parts of surrounding counties were able to enroll. They attend classes at their home district for half of the school day, and classes at vo-tech for the other half of the school day. Some students who were interested in majoring in Architectural Engineering or Mechanical Engineering in
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