My Schooling Experiences Formed A Positive Outlook On American Education

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My schooling experiences formed a positive outlook on American education. Throughout my schooling, I was fortunate to have the most influential teachers that assisted me into becoming who I am today. I was a student who struggled until the 8th grade. Luckily, my teachers took their time to tutor me one on one after and before school. One teacher, in particular, had the greatest impact on my education and is the reason why I did not give on learning. Reading and writing were my worst subjects, but that did not stop my second grade teacher from encouraging me to not give up. She saw the potential I had and never thought twice about helping me. Until this day, she became someone I look up to and a family friend.
In Freedom Writers, a teacher, Erin Gruwell, supported and believed in her at-risk students when others did not, this caused a positive impact on her student’s lives. Other teachers were confident that Gruwell’s students will not accomplish much and drop out. In my case, I did not experience the same situations as the students, but Gruwell’s spirit resembled the one teacher that changed my life. At times when I wanted to give up, like the students, I remembered I had a teacher who made her students see the importance of an education and would do anything in her power to help her students succeed. I believe the teachers in our school system serve as a beneficial factor in American education. Unfortunately, as I watched different courses, like cooking,
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