My Sci Fi Paper, An Neo Will Hit Earth, And A Colony On Mars

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For my sci-fi paper, an NEO will hit Earth, and a colony on Mars sends ships to rescue survivors and salvage anything that they can. The story will revolve around the trip to Earth and the trip back to Mars. I want to cover impacting an NEO with a spaceship, shielding from space debris and radiation, and the effects of long term space travel as the crew travels to Earth and back. Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) may be the greatest threat to end life on Earth, and they are justifiably capturing the attention of space agencies around the world. Recent close calls with NEOs have caused many to put a great deal of effort into cataloging and studying all NEOs. Near-Earth Objects are objects that cross or nearly cross the orbit of the Earth. NEOs are typically comets and asteroids that, because of gravity from other nearby planets, have had their orbits changed so that it intersects with Earth’s. There are a wide variety of different types of NEOs, with different levels of threat to Earth. An object is officially an NEO if it gets less than 1.3 AU from the Earth in its orbit. Potentially hazardous objects are NEOs which can pass less than 0.05 AU from the Earth and have a diameter of more than 140 meters, which makes them much more of a threat to Earth (NEO potential threat 1). NEOs can also be categorized as Amors, Apollos, or Atens depending on the length of time it takes for the NEO to intersect with the Earth’s orbit. Atens cross Earth’s orbit with a period of less than a

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