My Science Fiction Story Idea

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My science fiction story idea is centered around a robotic mission on a distant planet dedicated to surveying the surface and analyzing samples in order to determine if it is a possible place to be colonized. The idea is that the planet in question is so distant that it would take days for a signal to make its way from the robot to Earth; also taking into account obstructions and other phenomena that could interfere with the signal it was deemed impractical for the robot to require operators controlling it. With that in mind, the machine has been given sophisticated pseudo-artificial intelligence so that it can operate for long periods of time without requiring input from humans. The story would follow the point of view of the robot as it traverses the planet running its tests, all the while transmitting information back to Earth. I hope to use some of the information mentioned in this paper to inspire the kinds of things the robot will be doing on its mission as well as how it is designed. Humans have been sending robots into space since 1957, with the launch of the first Sputnik by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) on October 4th of that year. While it was merely a spherical satellite sent to orbit the Earth, there were several scientific functions that it served. It acquired data on the density of the Atmosphere, tested viable tracking methods, examined radio wave propagation through the atmosphere, and tested how well the time period’s pressurization
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